NFL Wagering Totals

NFL Wagering Totals Reflect Lack Of Defense Being Played

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In years past, this late into the season teams have usually defined the structure of the league, and this year, that structure includes plenty of offense and a lack of defense.

Of the thirteen games that will be played this weekend, ten of them have betting totals that are 40 or above, a sign that there is not much defense being played in the NFL this season.

Sunday’s games are highlighted by two games with totals of 48. The Giants and Dolphins are playing all the way on the other side of the World, in London, and odds makers feel that they will put on an offensive show.

The other game with a total of 48 is the Steelers and the Bengals, both of whom bring high powered offenses into the game. The total seems a bit high, though, considering the Steelers have given up the fewest points in the league so far.

The Monday night game between Green Bay and Denver is the next highest total at 47.5. The Packers have been scoring a lot of points with Brett Favre seeming to be rejuvenated, and the Broncos might be back on track offensively after a strong showing against Pittsburgh last year.

Another surprise arises in the next tier of games with high totals as the Bears, with their usually stingy defense, will be facing a Lions team that has been scoring points in bunches. The total for this game is 45.

Usually, as the season wears on and teams find their grooves the betting totals come down, but this is not the case this year as the offenses have been dominant, leading to weeks such as this with totals stretching into the upper 40’s.

NFL Smoke Clears

NFL Smoke Clears From Epic Game And Gambling Begins For Week 10

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The Patriots and colts game last weekend lived up to its hype as the game came down to the last five minutes and the Patriots pulled out the victory, but they did not cover the point spread of five, they won by four.

Now gamblers have turned their attention to week 10 and there are a number of intriguing match ups for bettors to feast their eyes on.

The highly anticipated rematch of week ones game between the Giants and Cowboys is this Sunday, but New York is a different team than the first time they met and the point spread reflects that.

The Cowboys, with one loss on the season, are favored by 1.5.

Another divisional game with surprising importance is the Steelers and Browns. the two teams will be playing in Pittsburgh with the winner coming out of the game with the division lead. The Steelers are 9.5 point favorites.

In the AFC, the upstart Tennessee Titans travel to play Jacksonville, the game has no spread yet due to the status of some injuries to key players.

The Colts and Chargers in what seemed like an eye catching game before the season started, but San Diego has played poorly and the Colts are a 3.5 point favorite on the road in this one.

The season is heading into a crucial part of its season as divisional games could mean the difference in tiebreakers for teams with the same record at the end of the year, so gamblers will have to proceed with caution when trying to handicap this weeks games.

NFL Highlighted

NFL Highlighted By Undefeated Patriots And Colts Match Up in Week Nine

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The NFL football season is flying by, and while many teams have been up and down this year, two of them have remained perfect, the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots, but on Sunday, one of these two unbeaten teams will fall.

A couple of big divisional games will be overshadowed by the Colts and Pats, but that will not change the fact that some of these games will go a long way in determining who wins divisions this season.

In the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys, who only have one blemish on their record, will travel to Philadelphia to play the Eagles. Philly must win this game if they want to save any hope of competing for the division title in the latter part of the season.

The other big divisional game this weekend will conclude the NFL week as the 5-2 Pittsburgh Steelers play host to the 4-3 Baltimore Colts. The Steelers have yet to lose in the division and and can put a two game difference between them and the Colts for the division lead.

Most of the other games are teams playing outside of their own division, but that does not mean there are not some good match ups, Green Bay faces Kansas City in a battle of two surprising teams, and New Orleans tries to continue to correct their early season struggles against Jacksonville.

Colts And Manning Preparing For Showdown With Brady And Patriots

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The time is nearing for the two best teams in football to take center stage and do what they have done all year so far, put on a show for everybody watching.

The perception over the past few years has been that Peyton Manning was the best quarterback in football, but could not win the big game, and that Tom Brady was a excellent decision maker that won, but could not put up big numbers.

Oh, how the perceptions were wrong. Over the past twelve months Manning has won pro footballs biggest game, the Super Bowl, and Brady has put up numbers so far this season that no quarterback in history has done through the first half of the season.

On Sunday, these two bigger than life quarterbacks meet on the field in what is expected to be another in the ever growing saga of the Colts and Patriot epic games.

The Patriots are favored in the game and are widely perceived as the better team, a thought that is hard for the Colts to swallow since they are the defending Super Bowl champions, and have yet to lose a game this year.

All eyes will be on this game on Sunday as the NFL braces for one of the most hyped regular season games in years, and rightfully so, as the winner will have the inside track to home field advantage in the playoffs and a spot in the Super Bowl.

NFL Gambling

NFL Gambling Lines Reaching New Heights in Week Seven

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The first few weeks of the NFL season anyone would have been hard pressed to find many lines above 3 or 4 points, but now as teams are showing their strengths and weaknesses, the lines have risen for this weeks games.

Let’s start with what is the biggest mismatch on paper today. The New England Patriots are on the road to face the Miami Dolphins. The Pats have not lost yet this year and the Dolphins have not won. The line on the game is New England -16, a number that is usually reserved for college games.

The Cowboys, coming off two poor performances are favored by 9 over the Vikings, who looked impressive last week in defeating the defending NFC champion Bears.

Staying in the NFC East, the Giants have reeled off four straight win s since starting the year 0-2, and that streak has made them 8.5 point favorites over San Francisco.

The Saints looked to finally play like the team from last year and they are facing a Falcon team that has been dreadful. The Saints are favored by 8.

Arizona has been up and down this year, and now they are playing with their third string quarterback, causing them to be 8 point underdogs to the Washington Redskins.

Seattle is coming off two straight losses, but they are facing a Rams team that suddenly can’t score, the Seahawks are 8.5 favorites.

As the season wears on, the point spreads are growing and growing, which can only mean at some point the underdogs will crush gamblers dreams, and that could happen this week.

Poor Play

NFL Betting Lines Reflecting Injuries and Poor Play From Week 1

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It is hard enough for gamblers the first few weeks of a new pro football season, picking the winners is a tough job, now throw in the injury bug and what we have for week #2 is a complete scrambled puzzle.

The Giants are playing at Sunday in their home opener against the Green Bay Packers, who are coming off a big win over Philadelphia. The line for the game is a pick em. Seems simple enough, Giants coming off a tough loss, Packers off a big win, and it would appear a letdown is on the horizon for the Pack. Easy pick, Giants at a pick.

Not so fast. Factor in that the Giants lost their starting quarterback Eli Manning for four weeks and are playing a back up that has only had a handful of snaps in the NFL, and the gimme game goes out the window.

The Vikings loss their starting running back last week and it actually helped their point spread this week. That is because back up Adrian Peterson is widely perceived to be the best runner on the team and a future star, so the line for the Lions game this week drops to Detroit -3.

So the injury bug alters some of this week’s lines, here’s a few games that appear to be a little off. Start with the Cowboys-Dolphins. Dallas’ offense looks unstoppable, and Miami looks dreadful in week 1, the line, Cowboys by only 3.5, hhmm.

The Falcons are getting no respect at all since the Michael Vick incident, they are 10 point underdogs to a team that actually lost their home opener last week, Jacksonville.

In Week Two, it appears that the odds makers have again laid out the traps for gamblers to come grab the cheese, just beware, do not be one of the mice getting caught.